Logitech Harmony Hub Plug-in




Rien du Pre


$ 29.95


You can find the plugin documentation here :  documentation

Support Information:

You can find more information, post questions, or ask for new features in the Support Forum or contact me by email




 This plug-in is designed to allow HomeSeer 3 to interface with Logitech Harmony Hub series of devices.


This plugin supports HS3 Windows and Linux systems 


Version Initial release.


Version Minor bug fixes.


Version Minor bug fixes.


Version 3.2

- Added support for in total 5 Hub’s (was 3)

- Simplification of the used devices. Now I only use 1 HS device per Hub, with a dropdown list of the activities.

- Device value support to check for the current activity based on a value.

- Minor bug fixes


Version 3.3

- Added support for HS Hub devices and related IR commands

- Ability to change the Hub name

- Minor bug fixes


Version 3.4

- Added support for more than 50 device commands

- Linux support

- Minor bug fixes


Version 3.5

- Bug fixes


Version 3.6

- Raspberry PI support

- Bug fixes


Version 3.7

- Converted the plugin to a multi instance plugin.

Users of previous version, with more than one hub configured, should add an new instance for their second. third etc.. hub and scan and recreate the devices.

I know this might cause some inconvenience, but there is no other way to keep things clean.

- Added support for devices with the same name per plugin instance.

- Activity device will show status when connection problem with the hub occur

- Polling cycle can now be set in seconds instead of minutes. Existing users, will have to multiply their polling cycle setting by 60.

Setting the polling cycle lower than 60 seconds is experimental, it might cause performance issues on both the hub and HomeSeer itself.

- Code cleanup and minor bug fixing


Version 3.7.1

- Linux privilege support fix

- Bug fixes


Version 3.7.2

- Linux credentials are now automatically set so Linux systems or HomeTroller Zee S2/HomeTroller-Sel systems don not have to set credentials manually.